We are making it quick and easy for African farmers to automate crop production operations
For Happy Farmers
and Healthy Soils 💚️
3Farmate Robotics is an R&D AgriTech startup that is focused on building an automated seed planting mechanism for crop production companies, by leveraging cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to build Autonomous Electric Robots. The company first released its concept design of a seed planting robot last year (2021), called FAMA, which showed its vision to have robots perform seed planting on a large scale.

These robots will be able to operate on their own devoid of human intervention, and will be able to work on any terrain for longer periods of time as they will have Solar Technology incorporated. This will mean crop production companies will have the chance to work with highly efficient, precise and reliable labor, compared to traditional manual labor and heavy duty machinery; machinery which often cause soil compaction and increase carbon emissions.
Meet Our Team
Elijah Ocupualor
Co-Founder, CTO
Bernard Ayettey
Clinton Anani
Lead Robotics Software Engineer
Einus Abubakar
Lead Software Engineer
Ayibanoa Ibaba
UI/UX Design Lead
Evans Honu
Electronics Lead
Mark Oforiquaye
Head of Agribusiness
Ebenezer Anane
Plant Pathology Specialist